Taking the first step toward a job

Maroota Greens’ school work experience program is intended to help school students with disabilities graduate with practical experience and the skills they need to launch a successful career.

School Work Experience

Maroota Greens School Work Experience program, which is exclusively created for schools, colleges, and specialist support schools, gives disabled students aged 16 to 18 a chance to develop specialized skills and gain confidence in a work setting as they start to make plans for their next stage in life. Start your job search off right with Maroota Greens.

Workplace Education

The Maroota Greens School Work Experience Program is available to students with disabilities in grades 10, 11, and 12 between the ages of 16 and 18 and operates during the NSW school year. Participants are encouraged to spend time in a field or position of their choice and gain the expertise required to function well at work.

Where is the program for school-based work experience located?

Our School-based work experience programs are located at Maroota Greens
3856 Old Northern Rd Maroota NSW 2756 AUSTRALIA.

School Work Experience and SLES

The SLES program is for disabled individuals 16 and older who are about to leave school or have already left and want to acquire work skills. For schools with students who wish to visit Maroota Greens’ location for work experience, we offer the School Work Experience program.

Graduated and want Work Experience

You can get assistance from Maroota Greens in various ways while you pursue your career. The School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) program might be the best fit for you if you graduate from secondary school. Through experience- and skill-based training, SLES was created to help people with disabilities smoothly transition from school to work.

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