With Maroota Greens, get workplace-ready.

Assisting young people with disabilities in achieving their job goals by preparing them to move smoothly from school to work via experience- and skill-based training.

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)

With the aid of School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES), young adults with disabilities who are 16 years old or older can be ready for, find, and keep meaningful employment. On your path to a career, develop independence and skills while working with Maroota Greens to get job-ready.

School Leaver Employment Supports
Career Strategy

Career Strategy

Get a customized vocational plan based on your assistance needs.

Skill-Based Instruction

Skill-Based Instruction

Engage in skill-based training and development on an individual and group level.

Employment Possibilities

Employment Possibilities

Utilise sponsored and open work placements to research career options.

School Leaver Employment Supports

What you'll discover in SLES

SLES is a one-year program with three days of instruction each week that emphasizes real-world experiences. The primary learning topics for participants are important professional skills and ideal working habits. After completing the course, you will have a solid grasp of an employee’s duties, have acquired life skills, and have gained confidence in your ability to commute to work. Check out some of the abilities you’ll get during your learning process:

Employment Qualities

Learn about the duties and obligations that come with being an employee. Recognize workplace behavior, goal-setting, presentation, and timeliness.

Workplace Skills

Learn the fundamentals of numeracy and literacy, teamwork, communication, time management, conflict resolution, and other workplace skills to handle any task.

Travel Instruction

You will discover your options for transit and how to independently and safely commute from your house to your place of employment.

Experience at Work

Put your practice to use. Supported work experience exposes you to various work settings and roles, ensuring you are entirely equipped before beginning your career.

Do you have a query regarding SLES?

The SLES program lasts 48 weeks, three days in a row, with an average of 6 hours daily.

Our program is located at Maroota Greens – 3856 Old Northern Rd Maroota NSW 2756 AUSTRALIA.

The SLES program is for disabled individuals 16 and older who are about to leave school or have already left and want to acquire work skills. For schools with students who wish to visit Maroota Greens’ location for work experience, we offer the School Work Experience program.

People with disabilities 16 and older can access supported employment possibilities through Maroota Greens Employment Services.

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